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If your home is suitable for cavity wall insulation, it makes total sense to get your walls insulated without delay. It fills the space between your walls and stops heat escaping and means your home can be heated for less.


1. Book a survey with Eco Instalations. Our fully trained surveyor will take a look at your property, confirm it is suitable for cavity wall insulation and take the required details. He may also use a boroscope to look inside the cavity. 

2. Our surveyor will advise you of the funding you are entitled to. Many of our customers are receiving FREE or DISCOUNTED cavity wall insulation.

3. One of installation partners will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the insulation to be installed. It usually takes around 3 hours for the average property. 

4. On the day of the installation, we recommend you remove anything that may be hanging on your internal walls such as pictures and plates as there will be some drilling, also ornaments on your window sill should be moved. There will be some dust created, so you may like to keep your windows closed.

5. Our installers may need to temporarily move things such as hanging baskets or hold back any plants growing against your property, but this will be done with care and put back in place when work has finished.

6. Installation begins once the area is prepared and safe.

7. A series of small holes are drilled into the mortar joints of your external holes and insulation is blown by a long hose from our specially equipped vans into each of your property's walls. Afterwards, the small drill holes (around the size of a pound coin) are filled.

8. Final inspection of the site is completed with you to ensure you're happy with everything before the crew leaves.

9. You'll receive your 25 year approved guarantee in the post a few weeks after the work has been completed. Keep it safe as a lot of buyers ask to see this when purchasing a house.

10. You'll enjoy a warmer home in winter and less expensive heating bills - win, win! Plus your home should be a more comfortable temperature in the summer months too. 


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